Services & What Can Be Done With the Drum

Stori teaches group classes, facilitates workshops and performs at special events.
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Group Drumming Lessons

Weekly group lessons are a great way to get started drumming. Learn to play poly-rhythms together and make music in a group. Stori offers evening and day group classes for beginners, intermediate West African players, and intermediate conga players. Group lessons lead to performing in the community for various functions.

Private Drumming Lessons

Private lessons offer individual help and a way to hone skills quickly, allowing you to move to a higher level of playing. Private lessons are offered during the day on weekdays or on weekends by appointment.

Teaching at Schools

Stori brings vitality to her performances and workshops with kids and teachers. The emphasis is on group participation and on understanding that every part is equally important to the whole piece. Everyone has fun and learns group process, and about creation of music.

Senior Citizens.

Drumming is very healing, and uplifting, and elderly people really enjoy the rhythms. Stori's group performances at senior centers are gentle, yet invigorating, and are interactive, giving everyone a chance to participate with a bell, a shaker, or a tambourine to play. They last about an hour and include several full songs played by an ensemble drumming group. She has a great love for the elders and brings the joy she feels from these rhythms and for the drum to the performance. It's a great experience for everyone!

Sacred Ritual Drumming

Drumming rhythms have been used for centuries for healing and ritual. Stori has held and assisted in many significant ceremonies over the years. A ceremony with drumming can be used to aid participants in transitioning through life passages, memorializing events, celebrating life’s moments. Guided by the spirit of the drum and the strength of the rhythms the participants are infused with well being. Rituals can be designed to meet a specific purpose or to meet the emotional needs of the participants.

Parties: Live Drumming (with or without Dancing)

Stori can provide entertainment for parties that involve rousing performances of danceable African ensemble pieces, blazing solos with or without African dancers. She can also lead an interactive drum circle with instruction for party-goers.

Bring the spirit of dance and the excitement of drumming to your next party or special event. Leave your inhibitions behind and embark on a journey of rhythmic and African dance moves that will free the body and uplift the soul. Guaranteed to add fun and excitement to your party!

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