With Great Gratitude to Yona Flemming, Onyť and Wade Peterson
for all of your teaching, inspiration and love. - Stori

About Stori

Stori Davis feels fortunate to have discovered her passion early in life. She believes that music and drumming bridges the gap between all peoples, bringing them a deep sense of connection with each other and the universal pulse. She has an innate ability to assist people of all ages in finding for themselves the joy and empowerment drumming can bring.

She teaches ongoing group classes, facilitates workshops in schools, senior centers, corporate businesses, private parties, and she performs throughout California.

Knowing that the drum has been used as a healing tool by many cultures for all time, Stori considers herself to be a sacred ritual drummer, inspired by rhythms of the African lineage. Drumming in community is key to Stori's work and she has participated in honoring important events in people's lives such as weddings, births, deaths and graduations. Click Here to view drumming performances.

With enthusiasm, talent and skill Stori creates a safe space which allows participants to open to the power of the rhythms and actually play music together.

Stori is available for your personal or public event. She can provide performance solo or with her troupe. You can call her at 707-526-3486 or email her at stori@womencandrum.com. Check the schedule for her ongoing classes and special events and workshops.

Stori's Press Kit (high resolution photos, video and music clips)


"Stori makes drumming fun, challenging, accessible, and spiritually rich. I knew I could feel the songs of the drums in my body - I just didn't know how to get to be a part of them. Over the years the drum classes have grown into a feeling of family - of sisterhood. We share stories and support of our lives in between the lessons and the songs. Stori's skill as a drummer is inspiring to all of us. Her love and reverence for the music connects us all to something much larger than our small circle."

"There is this special moment when all the parts start to fit together and we as individuals deeply connect, some with eyes closed, settling in, and making music... making magic. Just when you thought you truly understood all there was about yourself, drumming opens the door to another whole layer and connection to a more primal, special place inside."

"I just wanted to say a huge big "thank-you" to you for introducing me to drumming; it must be the best thing I have done for myself in 20 years!"

"I had no previous musical experience and thought drumming would be something easy to connect me to sound. After 1 month under Stori's conscientious instruction and contagious enthusiasm, I was hooked. After 1 year, I was impressed at the many layers of what drumming is about. You can be simply perfect, or complex. It soon became clear that Stori's teachings reveal that drumming is about connection, not only to sound and rhythm, but to people. After three years, I reflected that I was nurtured by having found a structure for ritual... whether it was for an occasion or for personal passages. I have gained a more discerning "ear" to listening, be it music, ocean waves or, my own heartbeat. And did I mention the gut wrenching laughter?" --Bonnie